Nicholas Gottlund

Mr. Natural

Nicholas Gottlund

About the artist

Nicholas Gottlund was born in 1981 in Kutztown, P.A. His artistic practice centers around photography, printmaking and multiples. He has shown internationally and his book works are owned by numerous public collections. He currently runs the small book house - Gottlund Verlag which produces limited edition artist books. This is his 7th book to date.

About the book

First to print from Perryman Press is Nicholas Gottlund's Mr. Natural,  a selection of images from Gottlund's North American travels. Brought together through a mutual interest of the visually arcane, Perryman and Gottlund are united through the small moments of wanderlust that cull sensitive withdrawal upon the simple moments of the natural world: ghostly Pennsylvania oak, wispy dust clouds, and the omnipresent silence of the American midwest.

The repetition of form is a curious and transient medium to work with, yet Gottlund is able to capture this through a perfect synchronicity in light, movement, and tone in the images laid before us. These images transcend time, while keeping the viewer in the present; as audience, as admirer, yet most importantly, as a witness to the power of image.

68 pages
Offset printed
1 - color
Perfect Bound
Dust Jacket
Printed in edition of 250
Published 2010
Printed in Oakland, CA at 1984