Brian Kanagaki

It's Right Where You Said It Would Be

Brian Kanagaki

About the artist

Brian Kanagaki was born in 1985 in Northern California. He studied printmaking at The San Francisco Art Institute. His work has moved from printmaking to photography in recent years. His work has been published in PIG Magazine in Italy, Apartamento in Spain,Desisto in Portugal, and Australian publications This Is The Same Ocean and Dissect Journal. He currently lives and works in San Francisco.

About the book

These new photos were taken over the last 4 years throughout Europe, The UK, Australia, and my home town of San Francisco, California. Although my travels have taken me to many diverse places, I am able to find the same calmness in moments through out the world. Through my photographs I try to capture a certain comfort and quietness in everyday life.

34 pages
Riso Printed
1 - color
Saddle stitched
Printed in edition of 30
Signed by the artist
Published 2013
Printed in Australia at Dawn Press